Episode 37: Permission to Do Things Differently--The Holiday Edition

As you work on cultivating your wellness permanently, you will quickly realize that there are some common triggers where we struggle to maintain our wellness. The legendary quest is to cultivate a life that not only promotes our wellness but preserves it during times of stress.

At this time of year, one particular occurrence comes to mind, THE HOLIDAYS! Does this sound familiar? You work long hours and many days. You scramble to get everything together on time.  By the end you are exhausted and just want it to be over. When it finally is, you're unsatisfied?

I've certainly been there and done that and so have many of my clients. So within this episode, I'm going to discuss how I've navigated this common stressors and some tips for you to do the same.  

Remember there is no "have to" during the holidays. There is only "get to," "want to," or "choose to."  The choice is yours to do it differently or the same.  Awareness is key!  This episode is designed to help you evaluate your circumstances and to cultivate a more serving experience if needed. 


It's never too late to make a one percent change.  One percent over time grows into wellness millions. 

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