Not sure what you need? Customized coaching experience to help you feel better.



Are you a early to mid-career professional who feels like your life is a loop straight out of Groundhog’s Day? 

Never enough time

Always overwhelmed

Believe your kids don’t get enough of your time

Feeling worried

Working too much

Self-caring too little

The list goes on and on. 


Do you want to learn my proven method for getting unstuck AND have it customized just for you? 

Once you’ve completed my program, you’ll have discovered all the reasons why you have been stuck in groundhog’s day and will have worked through them so that you can forge a path to a life that cultivates and preserves your well-being EVEN during stressful times. 


This life is yours for the taking.

You’ll understand how your brain works for you and against you. You will have the skills to continue to coach yourself as new challenges come up in your life. 


And the best part: you’ll have lost the mental baggage! 

Possibly all of it or perhaps a great start. It all depends on how much you want to lose….



And you get to decide….ALL OF IT.

You’re just a few clicks away from creating a life you don't need a vacation from.



From Cathi Whaley MD:

” Thoughts, repeated and instilled with the idea that they are true, become beliefs.  And we usually fail to see the patterns we repeat and weave into our thoughts. The mind is truly a powerful thing; it can imprison you or set you free. We can find fulfillment in today without using the lens of the past to grade it.  If we listen to our thoughts with avid curiosity and can be a witness to those thoughts, then we can begin to think with intention and purpose.  Personal growth is in the journey and not a destination.



I'M IN!!

What's Included?


Immediate Access


Schedule your first session immediately

We will dive deeply into all areas of your life, find out where you are, and what your personal goals are for this program.


Schedule at your convenience inside calendly. 

Weekly Personalized Coaching Program

Meet weekly for a minimum of 45 minutes.  

Sessions are recorded if you wish and placed in the portal for your review. 


What do I coach on? ANYTHING! If life feels like a hot mess, then you're in the right place...

Access the FFP Library

Access you coaching recordings in case you would like to re-watch.

Access to any newly and previously  created resources for the duration of your coaching program



Support Between Sessions

Experiencing a particularly challenging circumstance?

No problem.  

During business hours, feel free to e-mail or VOXER me between sessions and I will offer you some thoughts.  


Available for the duration of your coaching program.



12 Week Program

The time you need to immerse yourself in this information and learn the skills to move forward.

I'm with you every step of the way.

Achieve Your Goals

Decrease burnout

Increase quality of life

Decrease stress

Improve self-care

Lose weight

Cut back or stop drinking

Career transitions





I was lucky to find Dr. Whaley through a local woman physician Facebook group offering coaching. I took her up on it, and I instantly loved the model of her coaching. Cathi is knowledgeable, professional, non-judgemental, and insightful to help guide and coach to a better self and, ultimately, a better life. She has a gift for recognizing needs in others and truly is a coach at maneuvering those tricky thoughts, ruminations, bufferings, and habits and turning them into actionable positive change. I cannot recommend her highly enough!! She is helping me improve my life, and that is priceless. My mom and best friend have commented on how much happier I am since starting coaching, and I attribute that success to my coach. She also has a blog and offers resources for all, so that access to improvement isn’t cost-prohibitive!! She’s just amazing.


"Cathi's coaching is helping me rewire some over stressed connections after the last couple of years..."

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure?


10000% get it.  Just the name "life coaching" sounds pretty "woo." I wouldn't have considered it had I not been in dumpster-fire bad shape. But here is the thing...when we are in such a rough place, we practice flexible thinking and consider things we might not otherwise.  Life coaching has been a transformational experience for me. It might just be for you too.  Book a consultation below and let's hop on a call, get to know each other, and explore how we might work together.
No matter the end result, I'm rooting for you!

Don't wait! Get the coaching and support you need to feel better.  






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