Episode 35: Replenishing Our Humanness Through Sleep with Dr. Audrey Wells

In this episode my friend, Dr. Audrey Wells, joins me as we explore all things sleep.  My clients often mention sleep as a significant struggle, and it certainly was for me prior to hiring a coach. 

This episode presents a sleep discussion like you've likely never heard it.  Within this episode, we will discuss:

1) Why sleep is so important (THE THINGS YOU HAVEN'T HEARD YET).

2) Barriers to getting good sleep

3) Tips to getting better sleep (THINGS I HADN'T HEARD YET). 

Whether you struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep, or have poor sleep quality, this episode addresses it all.  I wish I had been able to have this conversation as a new mom. 

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Dr. Wells is a sleep medicine physician and certified mindset coach on a mission to help people sleep better so they can feel more awake and alive all day long. She offers a group coaching program and a private Facebook community for those struggling with sleep apnea and treatment, including CPAP. She also does individual coaching for those who want to uplevel their productivity and potential by taking “too tired” out of the equation.

You can find her at:

SuperSleepMD.com www.CPAPcourse.com https://linktr.ee/supersleepmd [email protected]
Facebook:  @supersleepmd
LinkedIn:  /company/supersleepmd
Instagram:  @supersleepmd