Episode 31: Time Saboteur #1--When Our Actions Do Not Reflect Our Stated Priorities

Welcome back for yet another installment of our time management and time scarcity series. Although I thought it would be short and sweet, I got chatty. Our brain goes on autopilot to help us be the most efficient version of ourselves, but un-checked we don't realize we may be veering off course from our priorities.

Do you find yourself at the end of the day, realizing that something important is not yet done?

Do you stay awake late at night trying to get it done?

In this episode you will hear about

  • How it happens that our day to day actions do not match our priorities.
  • The implications as it pertains to time
  • Why we want to solve for this AND how to do just that

Don't forget to revisit your beliefs about time with this particular topic. What do you believe about time? What do you believe about your ability to manage your daily activities to ensure your actions match your stated priorities? What are the lessons that your parents taught you about addressing your priorities? What do you believe about your ability to have and create a healthy relationship with priorities and time? 

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