Episode 25: Podcast Takeover-Key Takeaways and New Insight with Dr. Jillian Rigert

Whelp, I found myself with the corona this week and did not have a back-up episode. Rather than come to you with my hacking cough from my corona den, I decided to take a page from my own book and focus on caring for myself...


But fear not, I phoned a friend and fellow coach for a podcast takeover this week..

Meet Dr. Jillian Rigert, a military veteran, dentist, coach, and physician.  Her motto is "live it to give it" and that is just what she does. Having overcome career burnout, severe suicidal ideations, and living with an eating disorder, Jillian lives to say the things that need saying in the hopes her words might benefit someone else. 

She describes herself as a "Human, not robot. Writer. YouTuber."

You can find her at her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/JillianRigertDMDMD/featured


Within this episode, Jillian shares her key takeaways from the first 24 episodes of the show and offers some additional insights. 


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