Episode 23: Off the Beaten Path--Deviating From Your Life Vision

What happens when life presents a moment when you must choose to take actions in service of or in violation of your life vision?


What happens when in that moment, you violate the boundaries you've set to preserve your life vision?


My default is to beat myself up for it and to see it as a failure and a loss of progress. But I practice what I preach, so within this episode you will learn a framework to evaluate these zig zags and harness the power to choose wisely and place your focus where it serves you most.


You will hear a real life recent example of how I practiced this framework, and how I managed to quit kicking my own ass..


Note: If you haven't heard episode 7 yet, hit the pause button and listen to that episode first.  You'll get THAT MUCH MORE out of this episode...


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