Episode 22: "I'm Done!" Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Part 2

Debbie Bradley is a board-certified medical oncologist, certified executive coach, avid mountain biker and adrenaline junkie.  She has worked in the academic setting, private practice, and somewhere in between.  Most recently, she has pivoted to leave clinical medicine and step into industry/pharma. 


AND this is where our conversation began, exploring her decision to make a change.  This lengthy episode is packed full of goodies.


Although much of our conversation discussed our experiences as physicians, there is useful information for ANYONE WORKING IN HEALTHCARE.


She also coaches women physicians “Who Don’t Have it All Figured Out”.  Her passion is to empower women physicians to become the CEO of their life - showing up authentically doing what makes them happy, not what makes others happy.  

 You can find Dr. Bradley at www.debbiebradleymd.com


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