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career burnout dream board happy new year life coaching Jan 01, 2022


Happy New Year and thank you for being with me here.  At the beginning of the pandemic, I didn't set out to change my life. But I found myself in the midst of both career and personal burnout which was unsustainable.  I was angry all the time. I wasn't showing up to my life in a meaningful way. What is worse, even though I knew all of this, I had many limiting beliefs which were holding me back from making any changes.


In desperation, I tried to do what any good doctor would do -- "fix it," burning down my life didn't seem like a viable option.

Medications?  CHECK

Therapy?  CHECK

Fixed it?- NOPE (see picture below)

That's basically how this coaching adventure started which gave rise to the website and blog.  




Fast forward and I've taken myself on quite a journey of reading, coaching, learning, and various life adventures.  I've started learning about and acquiring real estate, started training to become a life-coach, and rediscovered my love for practicing medicine.  


It was yesterday while talking with my friend that I was expressing my dislike of the idea of "New Year's resolutions."  In my mind, the true intent of a New Year's resolution is to continue doing good things, set goals, and challenge ourselves.  The reality is most New Year's resolutions make us feel bad; they set us up to fail, and are limiting. We focus on where we have failed in the outgoing year and pressurize our entire incoming year.  This is perhaps the most compassionless moment we give ourselves.  "My New Year's resolution is to lose 50lbs".  The subtext here is "I'm really fat and unhappy with myself."


Now listen; if this works for you awesome!


But a New Year's resolution is enforced with sheer will-power and lasting improvement doesn't come from will-power.  This whole resolution approach has never worked for me, so I haven't made one in a really REALLY long time...


OK RANT OVER--I promise!


It was during this conversation with my friend that I had the epiphany that I needed a dream board for year 2022.  The board would reflect the dream for my life over the coming year that was not based on leaving the previous one, but rather on moving towards the new one.  


Without further ado, I present my 2022 dream board


1) I will make $55,000 in passive real estate income by the end of 2022.

2) I will have 20 health care professionals I am working closely with to help them live their best lives.

3) I will create fun content for the kids each month of this year as they homeschool...did I mention I'm doing that?

4) My house build will finish...ok this has been going on for 18 months and completely out of my control so this is my wishful thinking.

5) I will continue to love being a Hospitalist and Hospice and Palliative care physician by showing up everyday and being present. 

6) I will plan a special family outing one weekend a month.

7) I will start rowing again at least once a month...because I can now and I love it.


This dream board is about the present, this moment right here and something I can update as the year evolves.  


The rules I set for selecting my dreams are as follows:

1) No limiting beliefs, dream big.

2) Set the goal and refuse to be confused. Confusion is indulgent and gets you no where.  Confusion is optional.

3) Be 100% committed to the dreams.  Brooke Castillo has a podcast episode where she talks about commitment. So yes I'm $50,000 committed to these goals. This isn't "Oh, I'll do that and see if it works out. I will try and get that done." This is the kind of commitment that is,  "I'll do it no matter what."

"Will you give me $50,000 if you don't" achieve it?  "Of course."

Podcast episode 146- by Brooke Castillo -- HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


This is how committed I was to becoming a doctor. And somehow I forgot to channel that into new dreams.


Now, this is a lengthy list.  In order for me to get these results, I need to feel empowered, productive, creative, and straight up excited.  And I need to have the thoughts that will create those feelings.  Will limiting beliefs creep in?  YUP!  BUT I will be aware and mindful.  I won't change my plan regardless of those limiting beliefs.  


Will I accomplish all of this? Planning on it

Will I doubt myself? At some point

If it seems I'm not going to reach these goals will I fold? Nope, I'm going to ask myself: "How is life working for me?"

Will I have some negative thoughts along the way? Yup

What will happen at the end of 2022, if I haven't reached some of these goals? I will double down! The goals were good, the timeframe was wrong. 


Personal growth is in the journey and not the destination.  I will revel in all the life-lessons along the way. Success will come from the journey and if I truly fail to accomplish a goal, that will be the opportunity to "start again" to renew the journey and take yet another path.


What is my destination for Dec 31st 2022? 







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