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Hi! I'm Cathi Whaley MD

Since late 2019, I have been on a journey of reinventing my life. I found myself burned out and desperately trying to find a way out of medicine.  THEN the pandemic hit.  

Desperation drove me to trying many new things including learning about real estate.  It was while learning about real estate that I encountered a life coach and I discovered the newest evidence-based intervention to decrease stress, improve quality of life, and decrease burnout.  Studies continue to be published containing further evidence for even more benefits than what I listed above. 

Through it all, I discovered how to take back control of my life, to reclaim the power I had given away, and to create a life on purpose rather than living in the default--the hamster wheel version that repeated everyday like the movie Groundhog's Day.  

New To Coaching? Ready To Take The Next Big Step? Jump Start Your Journey And Design The Life You Choose On Purpose!

Ready to tap into a collective resource based on my personal coaching and life coaching certification learning?

Whether new to coaching or already introduced, this guide is jam packed with helpful information.  


  • A guide that can be used for ANY problem and will help you find a solution
  • Secrets to cultivating and prioritizing self-care
  • Proven ways to retrain your brain and take your power back


All It Takes Is One "Aha" Moment, One Strategy, Or One Shift In Thinking To Start On The Path Forging A Fulfilled Life That You Choose




"The guide is amazeballs!!!! I like that I could pick a problem and run through that guide for anything."